Student Aid/Awards

Student’s Aid Fund and Scholarship

Objective: To cater to the needs of the financially weak students.

The Context: It is the motto of the college to serve the students who come from the lower-middle class stratum of the society.

The Practice:

ii) The college has a regular student’s aid fund, headed by the principal, where maximum of 100 per cent aid is given to the student based on her merit and financial condition.


ii) The college also runs the Kanyashree scheme of WB Government successfully.


iii) Student scholarship is funded by Prof. Arun Kumar Mukherjee and some of our retired professors.


iii) Student aid is also funded by Usha-Ajay Foundation India as per recommendation from the Principal.

Evidence of Success: Cent per cent of the applicants are provided with financial support under any of the above-mentioned scheme.Problems encountered and Resources

Required: Some of the students approach the body for the scholarships but due to the lack of their necessary criteria and eligibility they cannot avail of the opportunity. More donations can be helpful in reaching more number of students.

Notes (optional):

Contact Details: Principal, Women’s College, Calcutta