Psychological Counselling

The Psychological Counselling Cell was established in the year 2007 to provide continuous assistance to students who are suffering from instances of inferiority complex, stress related disorders, domestic violence, lack of self confidence, personality disorders, and loss of memory.

The counselling cell can be approached by students for guidance in dealing with psychological issues. Young women struggling with different circumstances, sexual abuse and stress, among other issues tend to find different coping mechanisms. The Cell attempts to encourage students to discuss mental health and find sustainable solutions to the everyday psychological problems that they face.

The college has a psychological counselling cell which is run jointly by the departments of Psychology, Sociology and Education to cater to the students suffering from various stress-related disorders or issues of domestic violence. Moreover, the faculty from all departments cater to the students as mentors and encourage discussions about mental health by creating a safe space.

The students have benefitted from this approach and show positive results. At the end of the session they project a balanced personality and achieve a fair result. The biggest obstacle in the functioning of the cell is a tendency among students to not discuss mental health issues. Hence, the students need to be constantly encouraged and motivated to work on their Emotional quotient (EQ) as well as Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

The Convenor of the Cell is Dr Monimala Mukherjee, SACT, Department of Psychology, Women’s College, Calcutta. All faculty from the department of Psychology are members of the Cell.

The students may contact any member of the Psychological counselling cell directly or through their departmental faculty for any assistance to cope up with any problem they are facing.