Alumni Association

Womens' College, Calcutta Alumni Association, `Chirantani' has as its avowed purpose the bringing together of former students and college into a vibrant interactive relationship. It also aspires to provide aid, financial or medical, to former as well as present students.

Women’s College, Calcutta is the cradle of leadership and well recognized for nurturing talent. Since its inception, it has carved a unique niche for itself. It is the alma mater of a phenomenally large number of eminent women who have not just excelled themselves in diverse professions but reached the pinnacle of success. Our college is taking an initiative to bring these people together with the help of this association.

Women’s College Calcutta has launched its Alumni Association, Chirantani, as per the UGC requirement and recommendations with its first meeting of the executive committee held on 3rd September, 2020. The Alumni Association of the college has one executive committee and one general body.


General Body

All the former students of the college are the general body members of Alumni Association of the college.



  • Developing and maintaining regular alumni database
  • Publishing magazines and newsletters
  • Organizing various cultural events
  • Organizing training programmes for the present students of the college
  • Developing and maintaining association fund
  • Celebrate Alumni Day
  • Organize Annual Reunion
  • Maintaining alumni network
  • Maintaining alumni association’s social media group
  • Arranging various talks, seminars, lectures and workshops for the present students of the college
  • Counseling and helping the present students for internships, placements and entrepreneurship
  • Extending support in various ways to the former students of the college
  • During the pandemic providing assistance to COVID-19 task force of the college, as per UGC guideline

Interested alumnus for active participation in Alumni Association may contact their departmental faculty or the present alumni representative of the respective department.