For the last two consecutive years Women’s College, Calcutta is running an annual peer-reviewed journal, titled, Journal of Social Science and Welfare in collaboration with Indian Institute of Psychometry. The ISSN number of the journal is: 2348-2974. The thrust area of the journal is Social Science, Psychology and Heath Sciences.


The journal aims at opening a discussion of socially relevant issues at an interdisciplinary level. We also believe in giving scope to young scholars and professionals who are engaged in research activities to present about their learned opinions which would lead to debates and dissentions. The articles of the senior teachers are also welcomed to inspire the young minds. We also encourage scholars, writing in vernacular languages, to send the translated versions of their works, albeit with the due credits given to their translators.

Areas of Discussion

  • Social sciences                                                                                                   Issue-2015: Download
  • Health sciences                                                                                                  Issue-2017: Download
  • Psychology                                                                                                          Issue-2019: Download
  • Economics
  • Literary topics with interdisciplinary approach
  • Gender studies
  • Developmental studies
  • Education and related government policies
  • Cultural studies
  • Popular science
  • Popular culture


Annual: Published both in 2014 and 2015. Besides we also have provisions for publishing special issues.

Peer Review

The college has a dedicated team of teachers who collect the abstracts and the papers, both of which are sent for blind peer-reviews. A strict selection procedure is maintained to standardise the journal. Suitable writings are recommended by the reviewers. If any article fails to satisfy the standard recommended by the reviewer, he or she may suggest corrections failing to meet which the articles are subjected to rejection.

Publication Fee

The journal is a non-profit initiative. We charge no fee for publication.

Submission Schedule

Submission can be made within the time given in the CFP. However, if due to some reason, the article could not be included in the present issue, it is automatically selected for the next volume, provided the scholar is willing to wait for the time-period.

Call for Papers

Calls for publications are advertised on the college website. The CFP can be posted, reposted, forwarded and advertised by anybody on any form of the media. Contact us for submission of articles at. Please see the recent CFP for the guidelines of submission. We however, at no point of time accept any hard copy of the abstract or the paper.


Women’s College, Calcutta


JSSW is scholarly journal from India which has strict editorial and review policies. It has been included in the Google Scholar, Index Copernicus (Poland) {Applied}


Since this is a print-only journal, the earlier issues could be found in the library of Women’s College, Calcutta and the journal section of the National Library, Kolkata. However, some selected sections of the issues can be found online.

Report Plagiarism

All submitted articles are checked for potential unethical practices. In case any article is found to be plagiarized, we will reject the submission. Please report plagiarism at < monimalamukherjee@ymail.com >.

Subscription for the journal

Individual (annual single copy) – 300 INR
Institutional (annual single copy) – 500 INR

Future Plans

  • We aim to circulate the journal more widely so that we can invite scholars to contribute to it.
  • To publish a web-version of the journal

CFP, 2016

Papers are invited from the teachers and research scholars for the publication in the forthcoming issue of JSSW (Vol.3, 2016) to be published in 2017. The articles would be based on original research works on humanities, social science and behavioural sciences. The specifications of the articles are as follows:

  • The paper should be 4000 words long.
  • It should be typed in Times New Roman, Font size 12, Spacing 1.5.
  • For reference please follow the APA style. We encourage end note.
  • Every paper should have a first page which will contain the following details;
    • Name of the contributor
    • Title of the paper
    • His/her affiliation
    • Email Id, Contact no.
    • Abstract
    • Name of the contributor should not appear anywhere in the main body of the paper.
  • Last date of submission of the full paper is 31st December, 2016.
  • All the articles should be sent in .doc/.docx format to jsswwcc@gmail.com , No hard copy submission will be allowed.
  • The contributors of the selected papers will be intimated by 26th February 2017 about the acceptance of their paper.
  • After being accepted the contributors will be requested to give 500 INR towards publication.
  • The details of the transaction will be notified to them through an email.
  • All the contributors will be given a copy of the journal. If any extra copy is required they would be requested to pay 300INR to purchase the journal.



Purnima Mathur, Former Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT , New Delhi (Editor-in-Chief)

2.P. Ananthakrishnan, Former Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Madras
3.Pramila Vasudeva, Department of English, University of Calcutta
4.Balai Barui, Department of History, Kalyani University
5.Nilanjana Sanyal, Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta
6.Debnath Chowdhury, Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, All India institute of Hygiene and Public Health
7.Arun Kr. Chatterjee, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta
8.D. Dutta Roy, Psychology Research Unit, Indian statistical Institute, Kolkata
9.T. J. Kamalanabhan, Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
10.Mahua Das, Principal, Women’s College, Calcutta
11.Bholanath Bandopadhyay, Department of Sociology, University of Calcutta
12.Dilip Kumar Das, Department of Political science, University of Calcutta
13.Arup Roy Chowdhury, Library, Documentation and Information Science Division, Indian statistical Institute, Kolkata
14.Subhasis Bhadra, School  of Humanities and Social Sciences, Gautam Buddha University, Noida