Research & Events

Women’s College, Calcutta encourages research activities by providing necessary infrastructural support and institutional assistance to the faculty and students. The Research Cell under IQAC functions to ensure and encourage research activities of the institution, faculty and students of the college.

The institution publishes a journal, Journal of Social Science and Welfare.

Faculty of all departments regularly engage themselves in various research-oriented activities by presenting papers in national, international, state level and local seminars and conferences. They are invited as resource persons and panelists as well. Faculty members also publish their research works in peer reviewed indexed national and international journals and in various books. Various faculty members also collaborate with other institutions and researchers for working in various research projects and initiatives.

Many departments of the college guide the students on their masters’ and bachelors’ dissertations. Students are encouraged to present papers in various seminars and conferences as well as publish their articles and research papers in journals and books.

The institution regularly organizes various academic interactions through seminars, conferences, workshops, lectures and talks. Many departments also organize students’ seminars.

Events organized in the Academic Year 2020-21

(i) Two-Day International Webinar Defining Womanhood through Times of Crises: Literary and Cultural Responses, organized by the Department of English in collaboration with IQAC, Women’s College, Calcutta on 12th and 13th of September, 2020

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(ii) Two-Day International Webinar on Women & Media: The Changing Narratives & Identities organized by the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication in collaboration with IQAC Women’s College, Calcutta on 28th & 29th September, 2020

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(iii) Two-Day State Level Seminar on CAS, WBHS & Other Service Benefits for College Employees organized by WOMEN’S COLLEGE, CALCUTTA in collaboration with BHAIRAB GANGULY COLLEGE on 8th & 9th JUNE, 2021

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