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Department of Bengali

About the Department

The Department of Bengali is the oldest and largest department of the college with nearly 300 students in Honours and Post Graduate courses. The department also bears the heavy load of Bengali General, Compulsory Bengali (AECC) and LCC (Language for General) under CBCS. The department was established in 1937 i.e. from the day one of the college. Bengali Honours and General Courses got affiliation from University of Calcutta in 1940. Journey of the department since 1937 is successful and glorious enough both in academic and co-curricular activities.

In 2013 the department was upgraded as a Post Graduate Department. As per recommendation of NAAC peer team visited in 2007, Principal Dr. Mahua Das proposed to open Regular PG course in Bengali and as a result, the department got affiliation from University of Calcutta. Opening ceremony of PG course was occurred on 23rd August, 2013 in presence of so many dignitaries and academicians. The journey was started with 60 students and the introductory lecture was delivered by Professor Pabitra Sarkar.

Introducing the PG course Department of Bengali became the pioneer in giving opportunity to a good number of students from this college to have the facilities of higher education from their own institution along with the students of other colleges.

Once the department was glorified with the presence of dedicated teachers like Dr. Kshudiram Das, Smt.Ashalata Sinha, Smt. Urmila Das, Sri Saurindra kumar Dey and Smt. Basanti Mukhopadhyay. Without whose contributions, dedications and blessings the department could not reach the goal and achieve the present status were Dr. Sipra Lahiri, Dr. Jayashree Bhattacharya and Smt.Kumkum Nundy. The torch was handed over by them to the next generation to light it forever and to carry on the heritage of the department.

Activities of the Department:

The department successfully manages the huge workload of UG and PG courses running with the old system and newly introduced semester system (CBCS) simultaneously. All the teachers are very much sincere and careful of the students. Teachers help the students not only in academic matters, but also try to solve their personal problems including financial crises through proper counselling, guidance, assistance and friendly suggestions.

The teachers have taken online classes in different methods both in UG and PG courses during the entire period when all the educational institutions are closed due to Covid-19, the global pandemic. The students also adjusted themselves in this new system of education and gave their full cooperation. The teachers enrich themselves participating in webinars in various subjects.

The students of the Department of Bengali are very much enthusiastic in all fields. A large number of them pass out every year with bright results and go for higher studies like M Phil and Ph.D. Many of them choose professional course like B Ed and join in teaching. Others also engage themselves in different kinds of jobs. Besides building up own career the students actively participate in co-curricular activities. They organize cultural programmes, join in social works through NSS, take part in sports, college social and in house competitions. They win prizes not only from this college, but also from inter college competitions organized by other colleges. Even during the lockdown some of them participated in online inter college competitions like essay writing, poster painting, quiz and placed in good rank. They also took part in paper presentation in webinars. In fact student's seminar was a very good practice in this department. From 2013 to 2019 post graduate students presented nearly 60 seminar papers.

Outstanding achievements of the department are highlighted:

  • Rima Banerjee, PG student pass out in 2015 studied MBA in Human Resource Management from Dublin Business School, Ireland and got good placement in that country.
  • Aindrila Das Honours student pass out in 2017 secured highest marks( 68%) in BA Honours. among all Arts students of the college and awarded Swapna Mukherjee Scholar Medal by professor Arun Mukherjee, eminent professor of Philosophy and academician.
  • Susmita Roy Honours student pass out in 2013 stood 1st class 4th in MA examination,2015 of University of Calcutta.
  • In newly introduced CBCS system a good number of Honours students are getting 70- 75% marks in their semesters and the PG students are carrying on first class marks.
  • A large number of the ex-students of Bengali Department are engaged in various types of jobs like IT, Media service, Law, Hotel Management etc. including teaching.


The Department of Bengali has a very rich collection of books in the College Library including some rare specimens. Separate book lending system exists for PG students. The department also has seminar library.

Unique Features of the Department

  • Strong faculty with 100% Ph.D degree holders and 4 NET qualified teachers out of 5.
  • All the teachers are engaged in both UG and PG teaching and other activities.
  • Good academic records in both UG & PG level.
  • Pioneer in organizing the first convocation for PG students on 5 May, 2017.
  • The department has its own academic journal named ‘Didhiti' first published in September,2016.
  • Students maintain a rich cultural heritage through co-curricular activities by observation of Teachers' Day, Rabindrajayanti, departmental Fresher's Welcome and Farewell.
  • Only this dept. organizes an Annual Get-together Program called "Barshik Milonotsav" since 1997. This prog. is unique one where current students give farewell to the last passed out batches in presence of existing and former teachers of the dept.
  • This is the only dept. having its own Alumni Association named "Saswati" established in 2014. The first Re-union was held on 26th February, 2015.
  • Only this dept. has own Prospectus for the PG students.
  • The dept. has its own Feed Back system for PG level.
  • The dept. has a very good student-teacher ratio and close relationship also.
  • A good number of passed out students are engaged in teaching and other professions even in abroad. Overall rate of placement and self-employment is satisfactory.

Eminent personalities and professors came for regular classes, seminar classes and special lectures for PG Course

Name of the Teacher Designation University or College
Prof. Pabitra Sarkar Former Vice Chancellor Rabindra Bharati University
Prof. Barun Kumar Chakraborty Former Professor Dept. of Folk Lore Kalyani University
Dr. Sumita Bhattacharya Former Professor Dept.of Linguistics University of Calcutta
Dr. Sudhir Chakraborty Former Professor, Dept. of Bengali Krishnanagar College and University of Calcutta
Dr. Tarun Kumar Mukhopadhyay Former Professor, Dept. of Bengali University of Calcutta
Dr.HimabantaBandyopadhyay Vidyasagar Professor,Dept.of Bengali Rabindra Bharati University
Dr. Soumitra Sekhar Dey Professor, Department of Bengali University of Dhaka
Dr. Sudipto Chottopadhyay Professor of Drama, actor and theatre personality University of Barklee, USA and Centre for Studies in Social Science
Dr. Soumitra Basu Former Sisir Bhadury Professor,Dept.of Drama Rabindra Bharati University
Dr.Sucharita Bandyopadhyay Professor , Dept. of Bengali University of Calcutta
Dr. Gopa Datta Former VC, Gour Banga University, Former Principal, Lady Brabourne College & Visiting Professor >University of Calcutta
Dr. Soharab Hossain Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali >Anandamohan College
Dr. Sonali Roy Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali Prafulla Chandra College
Chowdhury Associate Professor, Department of Bengali Bhawanipur Education Society College
Dr. Apurba Kumar Dey Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali Raja Pyarimohan College
Dr. Indrani Sen Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics Women's College, Calcutta
Dr. Paramita Bandyopadhyay Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali Yogmaya Devi College
Dr. Debadyuti Bandyopadhyay Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali S.A. Jaipuria College
Dr. Ayantika Ghosh Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali Anandamohan College
Dr. Subhankar Roy Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali Belur Vidyamandir College
Dr. Antara Mitra Associate Professor Dept. of Bengali Vivekananda College for Women
Dr. Ritam Mukhopadhyay Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bengali Presidency College
Dr. Sumanta Bandyopadhyay Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bengali Bethune College

Faculty and Students Exchange Programme

Dr. Shipra De , Associate Professor, Department of Bengali, Women's Christian College was invited and delivered special lecture on Bengali Short Stories for third year Honours students on 4 October , 2018.

Moments from Departmental Activities


Dr Manasi Sengupta
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Dr Dipti Chakrabarty
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Dr Saumen Das
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Dr Avijit Banerjee
Designation: Assistant Professor
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Dr Debanjana Sadhukhan
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