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Department of Economics

About the Department

Women’s College, Calcutta is an age-old institution for girls. The department of Economics exists since 1962. Before that the department was jointly run with Political Science as the Department of Civics and Political Science. In 1962, this single department broke into two autonomous departments - Political Science and Economics. Prof. Binoy Paul was the first head of the department and Dr Indrani Sen had been in charge of the department from 1984 to January, 2022.

Welcome address by Dr Indrani Sen

Swapna Mukherjee Memorial Lecture
Dr Sanghita Bhattacharjee

Courses Offered


B.A. (General) Economics


Conferences and Workshops


Funded By


Rural Reconstruction in India: Challenges and Practices



Skill development and Capacity building of Academic Backup Service


February, 2015

Revisiting Tagore’s contribution into Performing arts and Contemporary Development


August, 2013

Empowerment of the Youth in the light of Vivekananda

Satyapriya College of Education

January, 2012



Dr Sudakshina Gupta, University of Calcutta giving the Keynote address on 2.12.16

Dr Alok Sen, Assam University interacting with students on 2.12.16

Student projects

Our students are encouraged to do projects in order to improve their critical observation and writing skills.



Covid 19 and its Impact on the Indian Economy

Completed by students of Semester II and Semester IV


Status of Women in India: An Economic Overview

Completed by Students of II Year


News with Eco-Views: A news Bulletin with glimpses of global recession


Socio-Economic Condition of the Students of Women’s College, Calcutta



Infrastructural facilities

Departmental Library

We have a departmental library. The responsibility of the maintenance along with the regular borrowing is shouldered by a few students under the supervision of the teachers of the department. Apart from text books, there are a number of reading materials. We also file up question papers of both College and University Examinations in the departmental library so that the students can have easy access to these papers

Student enrichment programme

  • Group discussions
  • Student seminars and projects are undertaken on a regular basis
  • Students are encouraged to join quiz and essay competitions held by different colleges in the virtual platform
  • The students prepare charts and graphs on economic issues and display these in their assigned classroom
  • Students volunteer for board work as per the demand of topics covered in class


Student at a seminar class

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning

1. Lecture Method & Board work

2. Use of Diagrams, Tables, Graphs and Charts

3. Reading Assignments in journals and related reading materials

4. Group discussion on contemporary issues from the newspapers

5. Class tests on regular intervals

6. Power Point’s are shared online through their assigned classrooms in G-Suite

9. Study materials are sent online

10. Extra classes on Google meet

Online Learning

The Department of Economics with the help of IQAC, Women’s College, Calcutta has introduced Google Classroom facilities under G-Suite for the students of undergraduate classes during the pandemic. The students and faculty use computers, laptop, tablet or mobile phones with an internet connection for regular scheduled classes. The Google Classroom makes it easier to assign tasks, keep a record on them and assess each student’s performance. At the same time, it enables students to organise their activities, clarify doubts and do their assignments. This addresses the digital yearning of new generation and is aimed at making the teaching-learning process more interactive, attractive and productive.


Google classrooms of Semester 3 and Semester 1 batches of 2021



Dr Indrani Sen
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M. A. (JU), PhD (CU)
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Smt Sanghita Bhattacharjee
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. A. , MPhil (JU)
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