Women's College, Calcutta

Women's College, Calcutta

P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue,
Kolkata - 700003

Gender Sensitization

Women’s College, Calcutta, aims to establish “Gender Studies” for students to demonstrate working knowledge of the field of gender studies and understand key theoretical approaches in the study of gender. For this motive the college introduced a gender sensitization cell, as per the UGC recommendation, 2013 and the ‘SAKSHAM’ Report, 2014. (The report is available at http://www.ugc.sc.in/pdfnews/5873997SAKSHAM-BOOK.pdf.) The college organized a week long programme for Gender Sensitization Cell under IQAC. The programme was inaugurated by Pravrajika Bhaswaraprana, Principle, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan. The cell has a nominated committee with convenor, Smt. Rakhi Banik, Dept. of Political Science. The Gender Sensitization Cell exists for the prevention / action against gender related issues. It looks into grievances / complaints of students, teaching, non – teaching staff of the Institution, especially in cases of Gender discrimination of backward classes. The cell has some objectives like -

  • To create awareness programmes through lectures, seminars, talks, workshops, debates, showing films and documentaries etc.
  • The cell also facilitates a gender – sensitive environment enabling women and men to maximize their potential.
  • The cell tries to make a forum for open dialogue and discussion on gender issues.
  • The cell deals with cases of sexual / psychological/emotional/physical harassment as per the capability of the college as an academic institution.

What is more, the college will take required initiative to conduct all the activities planned by the Gender Sensitization Cell, (IQAC) and help to understand unique kind of gender related issues.