Women's College, Calcutta

Women's College, Calcutta

P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue,
Kolkata - 700003

Psychological Counselling

Objective: To address the stress-related problems of the teenage girls of the college.

The Context: we have found many students suffering from instances of inferiority complex, backwardness in studies and domestic violence leading to serious psychological issues. This led to the formation of our psychological counseling cell.

The Practice: The college has a psychological counselling cell which is run jointly by the departments of Psychology, Sociology and Education to cater to the students suffering from various stress-related disorders or issues of domestic violence. Moreover, the teachers are always ready to help students who face various issues both in their academic and personal lives.

Evidence of Success: The students are found to overcome their mental stress and academic weakness. At the end of the session they project a balanced personality and achieve a fair result.

Problems encountered and Resources Required: The students, in many cases, feel shy in opening up to the teachers and thus cannot be helped.

Notes (optional): Contact Details: Dr Monimala Mukherjee, HOD, Department of Psychology and Dr Sayantani Bhattacharya, Department of Psychology