Women's College, Calcutta

Women's College, Calcutta

P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue,
Kolkata - 700003

Srijan Centre For Community Welfare

(Dedicated to Education, Health and Total Care of the Slum Children and Welfare of the Community) Registered under Societies Act No. S/IL 28744 of 2005-06
P-29 Kshirode Vidya Vinode Avenue, Kolkata - 700003

Srijan Centre for Community Welfare- A unit of WOMEN'S COLLEGE, CALCUTTA

The community development centre SRIJAN, an offspring of the college, started on 9th July 2003 with the goal of improving the poverty-stricken conditions of the children living in the nearby slum. In April 2005, it was registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) under the Societies Registration Act.

It started its journey as a weekend school for the neighbouring slum children, with the college students, serving as instructors. The beneficiaries are cared for throughout the year by active services and funds generated from students, teachers and patrons.

Srijan Centre for Community Welfare provides various cultural training to the children such as dance, music, elocution, painting etc.

Beneficiaries of Srijan are provided with books, stationery, school uniforms and refreshments regularly.

Regular health awareness and dietary supplements are provided by the department of Food and Nutrition.

Height and Weight measurement and distribution of food packets by the
Department of Food and Nutrition

Srijan Centre for Community Welfare tries to promote health and education of slum children and develop health and hygiene awareness of their mothers through need- based schemes.


Sri Salil Chattopadhyay (President)
Principal/Teacher-in-Charge (Chairperson)
Dr Sanghita Bhattacharjee (Secretary)
Smt. Rakhi Banik (Assistant Secretary)
Teacher member: Dr Dipti Chakrabarty
Teacher member: Smt. Rituparna Gangopadhyay
Teacher member: Dr Debamitra Kar
Teacher member: Dr Debarati Dutta Mukherjee
Sri Himangshu Chakroborty (Accountant)


  1. To bring the street children of our neighbourhood into the mainstream through various extension activities
  2. To incorporate awareness among the college students about their responsibilities towards the society
  3. Involving members of the Alumni Association to participate in the regular activities of Srijan
  4. Streamlining different activities involving students of our college and the beneficiaries of Srijan through the NSS chapter of Women’s College, Calcutta

Activities Highlighted

  • The children of Srijan participate in college Sports, NSS week and the Annual Program of the college and are given a platform to participate in unification with our students.
  • The children regularly exhibit their hand-made artefacts within the college campus.
  • Birthday of Srijan is celebrated as the Community Welfare Day in the college
  • Excursions are held every year that include places like Nicco Park, Birla Planetarium, Museum, Eco Park etc.

Exhibition of Handicrafts

Activities during Pandemic

The challenges faced by the organisation during the COVID-19 as well as the lockdown following it has been tremendous. The class distinctions and unavailability of employment as well as other resources during the same have led to numerous issues that hinder the safety as well as the holistic development of young minds. Srijan as an organisation has been working relentlessly towards providing young children with these basic resources. Welfare services such as education, health, in addition to hygienic conditions have never been more required than during the COVID-19 crisis.

Further, a devastating fire at Hajar Basti on Wednesday 13.01.21 added to this already volatile situation, leaving all the people homeless.

Srijan in collaboration with the other staff at Women’s College, Calcutta has been involved in rehabilitation programmes ever since.

Day 1 (14.01.21)
In a drive to stand beside the destitute people of the slum, Srijan Centre for Community Welfare distributed food, clothes, blankets and other winter garments necessary for subsistence. Teachers and non-teaching staff of Women’s College, Calcutta, teachers of Srijan Centre for Community Welfare and a few children of Srijan volunteered in the distribution process.

Day 2 (18.01.21)
Our second drive was to target all women (stationed at the college) aged 12-48. Sanitary napkins and other hygiene products like soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and detergent were distributed to 300 beneficiaries, many of our students came together to contribute and assist.

The Way Ahead

Being an academic institution, our sole motto is human capital accumulation. Education directly correlates with many solutions to poverty. It can directly impart skills and knowledge associated with higher wages. Srijan has been working towards this goal since its conception in 2003. The organisation would help the people move towards a better life through such opportunities.

Srijan seeks to contribute towards the wellbeing of this young demography not only in areas of education, health and standard of living but also in small engagements which provides children a platform to interact in a safe environment. A smile on these young faces can make their lives as well as ours brighter.