Women's College, Calcutta

Women's College, Calcutta

P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue,
Kolkata - 700003


The college has one unit of  NSS unit that works actively. Special lectures are delivered to the students on moral and ethical values. NSS, NCC etc. are the units which help to improve moral values through various activities. The NSS unit conducts regular activities like health survey, visit to old age home, visit to orphanages, providing free education to the needy ones etc. These activities help the students to build a sense of community responsibility in them. It also instills social values in them and aids in their holistic development.

Every year NSS week is celebrated with active performance by the students. The following is the schedule for NSS Special Camp 2016:

23.02.16 -   Inauguration by Shri Provash Chakraborty, Senior Assistant, NSS, CU at 2.00 pm

24.02.16 -   'Yoga for body and Mind' by Smt. Rituparna Gangopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Dept of Education, Women's College, Calcutta

Workshop by  officials from Kolkata  Police on "Women's Safety"

25.02.16 - Communicative English by Smt.J.Sen (12.00 noon)

Workshop/Excursion (2.00 pm)

26.02.16 - Workshop on Theatre by Dr Mili Samaddar, Associate Professor, Department of Bengali, The Bhowanipur Education society

27.02.16 - Seminar by Advocate Arindam Mukherjee (12.00 Noon)

Counselling Session by  Dr. Ujjal Bandopadhyay, Dept of Psychiatry, ESIC, (2.00 pm)

28.02.16 - "Each one, teach one", Teaching of slum children by NSS volunteers

Distribution of clothes to slum children (2.00 pm)

29.02.16 - Valedictory Session   by Dr Swagata Sen, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Programme Coordinator, NSS unit, University of Calcutta

Prof. Ashis Kumar Sana, Programme  Officer, NSS, University of Calcutta